Let's find your
Future of WorthTM

Your future isn’t just about work. It’s a unique mix of giving back, working, and learning that will enrich and give meaning to your life. It’s your Future of Worth. What's neXT?! will help you discover your purpose and passions and then connect you to people and opportunities so you live your own Future of Worth, however you want to imagine it.

What are you going to do with the gift of a longer life?

What’s neXT?! is a community and social venture designed to help you find your path and purpose in your new and longer life of work, learning, play, and giving back.

Start by finding your purpose and path

We know a mid-life transition isn’t easy. We bring you the ideas, tools, and partners to help you explore and uncover your passions and purpose. We empower you with the ability to navigate your additional years with the same vitality, engagement, and joy as the previous thirty. You’ve earned it.

Take control of what your playbook is going to look like

When you find your new direction and passion, you need outlets. We’re here to open up possibilities and connections to opportunities, peers, and mentors that will help you write a unique playbook for your Future of Worth.

Give back / Work / Learn
Find new purpose by sharing your skills and giving time to your community and causes you’re passionate about. We’ll help connect you.
Give back / Work / Learn
What’s neXT?! will help guide you to opportunities to work in new directions with organizations that value your skills, interests, and wisdom. Build multigenerational relationships that will help you and all ages grow.
Give back / Work / Learn
Learn something new. Learn something more. Challenge yourself. Unleash your passion for new ideas and experiences in learning settings we’re curating for you.
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What have we been up to?

While you’re shaping your future, help shape ours

For us, community is our heart. We want everything we’re doing and planning to be relevant and shaped by our members. Join us to help build our community and bring purpose to the lives of all of our members.

Who we are

What’s neXT?! is a social venture led by GEARSHIFTING INC. The founding team is just like you – people looking to understand, learn from, and share the opportunities in their next stage in life. Find out more about who we are and what we believe, and contact us to see how we can build the Future of Worth together. 

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