Becoming an age-friendly employer

This is a clarion call to employers to better utilize their older workers, because they’ll get a lot in return.


This report, viewable and downloadable as a pdf, is a clarion call to employers everywhere to better utilize a large and growing segment of their workforce more effectively. Of course, we mean people who are getting older. Sadly, too many companies align with what Mark Zuckerberg said a few years ago: “Young people are just smarter.” 

Our friends at the UK’s Centre for Ageing Better were behind this report, spearheaded by the far-sighted then-CEO of Aviva Insurance, Andy Briggs. At What’s neXT?!, we’re focused on helping people craft the long life future they need, which may include work, giving back, education and yes, play, but part of our mission is to ensure that longer lives must include equitable access to work should a Transitioner desire this as part of their playbook.


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