What are your personal values?

Executive coach Jennifer Nash on a workshop that helped her rediscover her values.


In conversations with people in our What’s neXT?! community, there’s a pretty common refrain: whether you’re anticipating a life transition or in the midst of one, it’s a frustrating and confusing time. You know you need a reset, but how do you start? You want your next act to have purpose and meaning, but based on what?

Executive coach Jennifer Nash has written a piece in the Harvard Business Review about how she tackled this issue by attending a workshop where she engaged in three key activities that helped her rediscover her values. 

The workshop focused on developing a life-wheel, creating a journey map, and utilizing the outcomes of these in an exercise to change her thinking. It’s worth a read. 

As Ms. Nash writes, “When you gain clarity on who you are, where you want to go, and how you want to show up, you are able to rediscover yourself, let your inner light shine, and reveal your authentic self to the world.”

And, really, that’s what we’re all pursuing. After a lifetime of constructing a persona to suit a working life or parenthood, we’re reaching the time when there’s no point in not being authentic to those around us, and to ourselves. When you can uncover what really drives and inspires you, the next steps to your next chapter become much easier to take.

Link: https://hbr.org/2020/11/what-are-your-personal-values

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