What’s neXT?!: Designing your 100-year life

Two noted professors, Andrew Scott and Herminia Ibarra, discuss the impact of the 100-Year life in this What’s neXT?! virtual conversation.


Close to 200 members of the What’s neXT?! community, plus guests from other organizations and learning institutions around the globe, attended an online conversation with Herminia Ibarra and Andrew J. Scott, both noted professors at the London Business School. 

Andrew, an economist by training, has focused on understanding the consequences of ageism on society and the potential “longevity dividend” of our longer lives. Herminia has built her career on research in organizational behaviour, leadership, and career transitions, and is beginning to research the post-career transitions of business leaders. 

Masterfully moderated by noted author, journalist, and TED speaker, Carl Honoré, both Herminia and Andrew provided some fresh and personal perspectives on the challenges and opportunities of populations not just living longer, but also remaining capable for years or decades to come. Beyond the broader societal shifts that must occur (what Andrew calls social ingenuity) to accommodate our longer, productive lives, they also offered pointed advice on how each of us can make a difference for ourselves, and over time, for society at large. The value of rebuilding networks, learning and preparedness, and considering what a healthy life means when you might be living decades longer were all of immense value to any Transitioner. 

Engaged, our audience asked some significant questions and Herminia, Andrew, and Carl graciously stayed for follow-up dialogues in our breakout rooms.

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