When do life’s biggest decisions happen?

Dr. Adrian Camilleri looks not only at what people consider life’s biggest decisions, but also when they take them.


Dr. Adrian Camilleri, a consumer psychologist who works at the University of Technology Sydney Business School, has devoted considerable time researching not only what people consider life’s biggest decisions, but also when they take them.

Some of the conclusions are expected. Education-related decisions dominate early and are replaced with career-related decisions. Family and financial-related decisions increase over time. What’s more interesting is that the number of these decisions, or even their type, don’t seem to decrease significantly over time as we change relationships, consider career shifts, transition into retirement, and more. 

Which leads to questions for transitioners. Is the change these decisions require harder to embrace? Are you prepared emotionally to continue to make these big decisions as you get older? As we live longer, it’s quite likely that, as Dr. Camilleri notes, life will continue to throw curveballs at us, and one of our goals at What’s neXT?! is to provide you with the resilience to address the challenges and decisions that arise.

The article also includes a link to his survey, as well as a summary of the study results to date, which helps remind all of us that we’re on a journey of transitions and decisions together.

Link: https://www.psychologytoday.com/ca/blog/life-s-biggest-decisions/202102/when-do-lifes-biggest-decisions-happen

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