About What's neXT?!

We’re a social venture focused on making sure you can live your longer life with greater resilience, purpose, and vitality. Your experience and wisdom are worth something, even as we’re all up against social perceptions about what getting older means. But who cares? You have the future in you. We’ll help you bring it out.

“Today’s life is not linear, but multidimensional and comprising of a web of turns and pivots navigated by the individual.”

What’s neXT?!


Age is no longer a barrier.

Our vision is to help create a world where age is no barrier to change, growth, and achievement. Where everyone can uncover new directions and live our longer lives with meaning and purpose. Where we can live a Future of WorthTM.


We promote “purposefulness”

We are Social

We ensure every interaction is rooted in community

We are Curated

We leverage deep learning to facilitate the most appropriate relationships

We are Authentic

 We earn the trust of our community through openness and transparency

We are Engaging

We foster co-creation, collaboration, and feedback at all levels

Our Team

Mehbs Remtulla

Mehbs Remtulla has been a pharmacist, a pharmaceutical executive, and founder of one of the top healthcare communication companies in Canada. Having personally experienced his own challenging transition, Mehb’s founded What's neXT?! to help Transitioners lead engaged and purposeful lives in what will be their “third act.”

Julia Roy

Julia Roy brings to What's neXT?! a unique perspective that spans investment banking, healthcare, pensions, and not-for-profits. Julia has focused her career on building programs in each of these that drive sustainable impact from young adults through to those at the end of life. In each of these, the common element is improving the human experience by leveraging technology of today.

Larry Goldberg

Larry Goldberg spent his career as a financial executive across a wide variety of industries, and with businesses ranging from startups to publicly-listed companies, he has the experience. He joined What’s neXT?! to help develop a sustainable roadmap for our products and the future of our community, and to learn how to best create his own playbook as he transitions to the next chapter of a life well-lived.

Rick Wolfe​

Rick Wolfe, master moderator, is the creator of the Kitchen Table Conversation methodology. In over three-plus decades, he has acquired a profound understanding of the mechanics and power of conversation. Rick’s eclectic mix of theatre arts, advertising, and management consulting allows him to see past the apparent and ordinary, just the qualities our What’s neXT?! community needs.

Reza Sabernia

Reza Sabernia’s passion is building state-of-the-art marketing technologies that make people’s lives better. In 2013, Reza co-founded BrainMustard to build and employ AI technologies to identify opportunities in the consumer market and increase customer engagement. His data-driven insights will be invaluable to our What’s neXT?! community as we all explore life options.

Allan Levine

Allan Levine has spent his career bringing both start-up and growth-stage companies to life across virtually every business sector. He specializes in operations and market strategy, leveraging the power of people and technology to transform organizations. For the What’s neXT community, he translates our concepts into products and services of practical value at every stage of transition.

Peter Heywood

Peter Heywood trained as an architect before shifting into marketing and brand building. His expertise is in boiling down complex issues into compelling communication. He thinks he might be in his own transition now, and looks forward to bringing his expertise to the opportunities of a longer life for himself and the What’s neXT community.