<span style="color: #ff674c"><b>What’s neXT?!</b></span>: Ageism in 2022 and Its Impact on Innovation

Our founder, Mehbs Remtulla was part of a panel discussion hosted by UKRI’s Healthy Ageing Challenge in London recently. This session was moderated by Paul McGarry of the Greater Manchester Ageing Hub and included Carole Easton, Chief Executive, Centre for Ageing Better and Dr Hannah Swift , Senior Lecturer Social and Organisational Psychology, University of Kent. The panel focused […]

<span style="color: #ff674c"><b>What’s neXT?!</b></span>: The Case for an Age-Friendly Approach to Talent Shortages – A Global Conversation

Carl Honoré engages Pedro Pittella, HR Director at Sanofi, Brazil and Elizabeth Harris, Chief Strategy Officer at ARC Worldwide, a Publicis Groupe company, in a discussion on how they are driving an age-inclusive agenda at their companies, using the experience, wisdom and commitment of older employees to unleash their potential, and that of their company.